Macbooks Are Awesome.

Hollywood loves macbooks. Big deal, who doesn't? Ask anyone who's ever used a Mac and they'll break into a rant anytime of the day, about the simplicity, the charisma, the beauty, and the utility of the "greatest laptops ever built". And I don't blame them. Macbooks have often been listed as the best laptops for writers, musicians, graphic designers, bloggers (that's us!) and more, thanks to their amazing UIs, near-zero crash rates, and most importantly...

...their sleekness! I mean just look at this thing. It's f**king sleek!


Macbooks Are Sexy, People In Hollywood Are Sexy. What's The Connection?

You get it - these are some mean, superb, beaautiful machines. But they aren't the only ones out there - Alienware machines draw some serious eyeballs, the Samsung Galaxy series made a lot of gadget affectionados salivate, before they started exploding in airplanes. But Hollywood (and when I say Hollywood, I'm being inclusive - Netflix, Prime Originals, Theatrical Releases... you get the drill) seems to have a soft spot for Apple products. And it's not just Macbooks, either. 7 out of 10 times, the phone that any significant character uses in a Hollywood production, is an iPhone. Grand-daddies and grandmommies use iPads.

Remember that awesome Modern Family sequence where they're lining up to buy the iPad at midnight?

So what's the deal, Tim? Do you pay these producers, or what?

That's the natural assumption for any brand manager. Obviously, Apple pays and lobbies to have their products featured in these movies, right?


You see, the main man behind Apple's fortunes was probably the smartest marketer to have lived. (And then, sadly, he died. But that's another story!) Steve Jobs and his team of marketing wizards (including erstwhile Chief Evangelist Guy Kawasaki) came up with the single greatest product-placement and evangelism hack of the millenium, when they decided to give Apple products away for free to people producing popular content.

That's right! Anyone who's ever worked in production, especially on a budget, knows this - Production props are an additional expenditure. Yes - in India, we have Rohit Shetty blowing up at least seven Mahindra Scorpios in each action sequence. But Hollywood is full of frugal, smart production managers. Just like Indian Web Content Producers (The YouTube Guys), most Hollywood Studios are cautious about spending excessively on additional props such as phones, computers, tablets, etc.

And then comes one of the world's largest computer manufacturers, and says they'll just give away their products for shooting purposes! And the icing on the cake, is that Apple doesn't ask for these 'placed' machines back - the production units get to keep the laptops, the phones, the iPads... now that's what I call a sweet deal!

And it's a win-win for everybody, because Apple selects only the most popular, most badass, most amazing studios and teams for their 'charitable' endeavor, so you end up marvelling at the latest Apple keybard just as much as you're gawking at Pam Lee's boobs or Vin Dee's abs.

So what're you waiting for? Want to get free Apple products?

Start shooting great movies.

Note: Yeah, yeah. This post was written to appease the hedonism of all Apple enthusiasts. Nothing wrong in admiring beauty, right? Go on, share the post if you have wet dreams for Apple!