Always wanted to stay in a Bachelor Pad but couldn't , because you kept being driven out for having 'too much fun'? Ever had to explain to someone in the building, with a questionable amount of self-sobriety, why Mick Jagger deserves a certain degree of bass amplification on a Saturday night? Or perhaps, the agony of being judged and bossed around by people on a moral scale that you've alienated as a complete waste of time?


Agonize no more.

To aid these dampened bachelor souls of Bangalore, who have grown up with the idea of a perfect bachelor pad to host those perfect frat-night parties and to follow their true calling in the heart of the humdrum, and amidst all that matters, the team at StayAbode has introduced pitch perfect furnished homes, priced at a decisive premium, as a direct value-add to people who've only dreamt of living in an evolved commune so far.

In fact, before we go ahead and bore you with a bunch of details which can't ever sound boring (Hint: The spoils include 150 Mbps WiFi, Housekeeping, Laundry Services, Stocked Mini Bars, Kickass Common Spaces, No Time Restrictions, No Guest Restrictions, Private Security to fend off prying and judging eyes - could you ask for more?) you should probably watch this video.

The Bachelor Pad & The Commune

StayAbode currently operates about 4-5 all-spoils-included-nothing-held-back communes in some of the most happening city hubs, including Koramangala, Marathalli, Mahadevpura, HSR Layout and Sarjapur Road.

The one in Koramangala is nicked 'Nestor'. We know, cool name for a bachelor pad, right? The others are called Jeeves, Jarvis, Alfred... they're some of the coolest British homegrown butler names that you can find, and the rest is clarified by their liberal usage of pop-cult references. Yes, there's finally a food section on a consumer-facing website, that leads with the headline 'Joey doesn't share food!'


If you're still not convinced and batshit crazy about packing your bags and never unpacking them (Why would you? They've got you covered for everything, literally), take a look at where Abode residents hang out. This is where Ally McBeal dreams match up to those of Joseph Trebbiani. This is it.


Get started with your dream bachelor pad at StayAbode.